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SunAtap™ Hybrid Solar Panels

Why choose SunAtap™ solar roof?:

  • You will not ruin your roof tiles.
  • Before you can understand why solar energy is important you should have a good idea of what solar energy is Solar energy is produced by the sun.
  • It can be harnessed like any other type of energy and used to create electricity to run homes and businesses.
  • Buildings can also be heated by the thermal energy produced by the sun. Best of all, solar energy is free and does not compromise the environment.
  • Solar panel system has a low maintenance, no moving parts and require very little maintenance beyond regular cleaning.
  • Homeowners who do not want to add to the electrical load of their homes.
  • Incredibly cost effective once energy savings are factored into the purchase though to some, they may seem to consider that it's expensive initial installation costs.
  • Stylish roof panels, it's like a roof tile, but with the capability to collect energy.
  • Solar energy is non-polluting in many ways such as clean energy is used, noise reduction, and a revenue-to-cost usage.
  • Distribution of unused energy collected back to the grid provider if necessary.
  • Costs-To-Owner's-Capital, the maintenance costs to the capital or property purchased by the owner.
  • Capability to a home is an added advantage or may be as an added value to your property when selling.

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