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Company Presentation

Expansion Startup

We have moved further by launching our GENiBOX® Retail Outlet and Branch in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, which will focus on Brand Event and AdMedia Electronics and Digital. This will further increase KPC Host's corporate investments. With new MOUs and agreements signed recently in early 2016. We at KPC Host are convinced that with this new commitment will open new opportunities in the future of technology.

Enhanced Services

We understand that investing in new business equipment involves much more than simply choosing a product. You need experienced project managers to ensure equipment, systems and training all work together to achieve a real benefit to the organisation.

Koala Platform Creative™ a new face of advertising which has a highly enthusiastic and motivated team of passionate people means you brand and advertisement will reach the target market. KPC Host® has renowned capabilities on project management skills and implementation of system and softwares mean that you can rely on us for implementation of such project implementation to run smoothly. Our "I.T. Related Services" and "I.T. Managed Services" has satisfied the portfolios. Koala Platfom Creative™ also has introduced a total brand building and brand promotion service package. This service package will include Indoor and Outdoor "Digital Media and Brand Building and Promotion" including creating an Online promotion strategy.

Expert on multiple platforms and programming languages including MySQL, PHP, Ajax, Apache, Ruby on Rails, Java and Javascript and C Language for developing more innovative systems solutions and softwares for future distribution on licensed based or Software as a Service option.

Extended Branding Services - From key brand elements articulation and consensus to advertising and promotion using multiple platforms such as indoor, outdoor, and mobile platform brand building where over 6,000 Mobile SMS and over 5,000 emails were sent to our subscribers worldwide montlhy as an added value service to per client's signup.

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