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Latest News

23 June 2015

Microsoft applications affect critical command and control systems says Steven Davis. To us here at the Mad Lab, this is more of a transition process which could provide critical information for the Tech companies in the region's IT sector industry working hand in hand with local businesses and agencies that had the willingness to change... Read More Here

21 June 2015

Have you gone bungee jumping with policies and got totally entangled between the freedom of internet, privacy and terms of usage? So do we really have to bother? It's not surprising when we don't have a clue, because we don't understand them better than strangers who're sitting next to us.. Read More Here

28 May 2015

Reconstructing the ready platform, technology, or ideas are happening everywhere.... Read More Here

08 March 2015

Why critical thinking and making sound decision are compulsary to the top management executives... Read More Here

Current Brand Promotion


    GENIBOX Security System

    Choice of Option:
    GENIBOX Home*
    GENIBOX Business
    Package includes Installation, Setup and Commissioning.
    Long battery life up - 1 year warranty.
    GENIBOX Home and GENIBOX Business Security Sensor.
    Package includes up to 8 points of Security Sensors.
    Quality Cabling works for Newly built House or Fully Occupied.
    Auto switch On and Off Utility Features - Electricity Savings.
    Inverter to Solar Power bank Features - No more worries on critical need of electrical usage.**
    Low installation cost.***
    Low monthly subscription fee.***

    * Installation on home that is under construction is also available. ** Applicable to GENIBOX Home only with Solar Power Panels installed. Critical power supply on certain applliances only.
    *** Price and functionality may differ by which GENIBOX package that you acquire.


  • Terms and condition applies. Kindly read it before making any purchase from our website.
  • Kindly visit the respective partners' websites for price confirmation or call us to know more.
  • Price stated is in US Dollars on web based references. ERP - Estimated Retail Price. RM - Malaysian Ringgit
  • Kindly contact us for more information.
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