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KPC Host Online Advertisements

Why Advertise on Koala Platform Creative™ website?

Get more leads! Get more impressions! You've spent weeks or maybe months to design, setup and make your blog, landing page, facebook page, website creatively. You have put all of your products and services together in one eshop. But you have not reach your goal of closing a deal from the internet!
How does it workAn impression is one view of your advertisement image on one of our high visits website. Any viewer that clicks on your advertisement image will be taken directly to your blog, landing page, facebook page, website. You'll also be able to set where it would bring the viewers after clicking the Ad. For now, we only accept 600 x 160 pixel advertisement image, but we'll add more sizes as we have more spaces.

  • Reach more potential clients.
  • Receive quality unique visitors to your webpage. We say this because social pages promoters send fake social page likes. This has been spreaded and we hate FAKE FB Social Page Like and Tweet Followers.
  • Possibility to use your own banner ads and text links, but please stick to the size.
  • We will promote 20% more of your Ad banners on other side of our websites and pages.
  • We will send automated reports on how your Ad been doing.
  • Receive real human visitors.
  • What you buy is what you get: 1 to 1 ratio.
  • All views are generated from our side of promotion and unique search engine use.
  • Tag with a specific keywords for search engine. Call Us Now for a QUOTE.

  • This solves the biggest problem with most conventional banner advertisments. CALL NOW TO PUT YOUR AD! Not just that, you'll receive a FREE GIFT! worth more than your initial rendered ad subscription if you advertise with us before 31st July 2015.

    Online Advertisement - Using Technology for Business

    Who are we?

    Koala Platform Creative™ a new face of advertising brand and trademark owned and operated by KPC Host®, an established Malaysian company that has been here for over 4 years now. Click here for more information.

    Why should I buy this advertisement subscription package?

    Koala Platform Creative™ is a brand new concept in online advertising, backed by a reliable team. This is your chance to experience advertising with us. 600 x 160 pixel image with thousands of impressions to your website! which in turn lead to sales. Call now or email to today! This promotion will end on 31st July 2015. Click to chat with our support staff. Chat app is sponsored by Tidio Inc.

    What should I do next?

    Fill in your particulars in the form provided online. Upload an image of 600 x 160 pixel in size for your advertisement and click submit. That's all. Instructions on how you can make a payment will be emailed to you. Check your SPAM box and add our email to safe senders list, so it won't go into the SPAM again, because we hate SPAM. If you don't agree, you don't have to do anything. If you like, you can join our Affiliate Membership Program which can earn you up to $150 a week.

    What if I don't have an image to submit?

    We can create an advertisement image with the size of 600 x 160 pixel upon order. Just submit images to be included in the advertisement banner including the wordings of not more than 10 words. Kindly add any note that you need an advertisement image with your subscription order.

    How do I make payment?

    After you have agreed, instructions will be sent to you via email. To get a quote, kindly email to or give us a call.

    How many impressions do I get from this subsciption package?

    You're purchasing impressions, plus a FREE GIFT! This offer will be valid till 31st July 2015

    You agree that all purchase that has been made will not be refunded. You agree that Koala Platform Creative™ and KPC Host® at anytime have the rights to take off your advertisement image if the business is an illegal trade or it involves criminal activity, money laundering, betting, porn related and piracy. We're against fraud. So be extra careful. Whenever a purchase has been made by card payment, your IP address will be detected or our friendly staff will call to confirm your personal information upon order. If we find there's a fraud connected to the purchase, we will cancel the order permanently. There will be no refund on any payment made for the service rendered successfully or not. Kindly read our terms of usage of this website for more info.


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