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Latest News

30 January 2016

Providing software-as-a-service (SaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) in combination with internal applications – will “cement IT’s role to grow a business in terms of speed transfer of information to internal network of an enterprise, easyness of accessability, cost to role of employee, data scnyronization throughout the whole infrastructure in terms of capability or analytically. This also means that IT providers will need to work closely with businesses to identify where analytics can be leveraged more, as well as integrating services required to optimize analytics capabilities across the enterprise, says KPC Host... Read More Here

29 January 2016

Technology Startups and Universities should work hand in hand for solutions to face environmental challenges for our future generations. Even though the major corporations are very conscious about recycling their products already during the production, the scrap in the developing countries will reach 393 million tons by 2020. The recycling rate would be around 95% in the developed countries. Unfortunately, the developing countries will still have issues on how to handle non-ferrous metals, plastics and rubber that are more difficult to recycle than steel and iron. Mobile Phones which are mostly made out of recycled material nowadays. Tonnes of computer scraps. The number of vehicles worldwide has been projected to pass 2 billion in year 2030. The developing countries will be facing an environmental challenge of auto scrap by year 2020 says MadLab... Read More Here

31 December 2015

KPC Host is expanding its investments with new partnership and agreements signed towards new year 2016. KPC Host's Director, Azri Amir says with the new GENiBOX® Retail outlet and service office opened in Johor Bahru, it will further open new business opportunities especially for greater technology. The new GENiBOX® line of products will consist of Gamification Media and AdMedia in Electronics and Digital... Read More Here

10 October 2015

Mad Lab hopes that its $500 million investment in educational tools will be distributed the soonest when agreements have been met.... Read More Here

09 October 2015

China green technology are getting subsidised from the U.S. which should be reviewed very soon says WTO in... Read More Here

15 July 2015

We have been consistently pursuing Moore’s Law and this has been the core of our innovation for the last 40 years. The 10nm chips are expected to be launched early 2017. Said Taha Khalifa, general manager for Intel in the Middle East and North Africa region...Read More Here

23 June 2015

Microsoft applications affect critical command and control systems says Steven Davis. To us here at the Mad Lab, this is more of a transition process which could provide critical information for the Tech companies in the region's IT sector industry working hand in hand with local businesses and agencies that had the willingness to change... Read More Here

21 June 2015

Have you gone bungee jumping with policies and got totally entangled between the freedom of internet, privacy and terms of usage? So do we really have to bother? It's not surprising when we don't have a clue, because we don't understand them better than strangers who're sitting next to us.. Read More Here

28 May 2015

Reconstructing the ready platform, technology, or ideas are happening everywhere.... Read More Here

08 March 2015

Why critical thinking and making sound decision are compulsary to the top management executives... Read More Here

Current Brand Promotion


    GENIBOX Security System

    Choice of Option:
    GENIBOX Home*
    GENIBOX Business
    Package includes Installation, Setup and Commissioning.
    Long battery life up - 1 year warranty.
    GENIBOX Home and GENIBOX Business Security Sensor.
    Package includes up to 8 points of Security Sensors.
    Quality Cabling works for Newly built House or Fully Occupied.
    Auto switch On and Off Utility Features - Electricity Savings.
    Inverter to Solar Power bank Features - No more worries on critical need of electrical usage.**
    Low installation cost.***
    Low monthly subscription fee.***

    * Installation on home that is under construction is also available. ** Applicable to GENIBOX Home only with Solar Power Panels installed. Critical power supply on certain applliances only.
    *** Price and functionality may differ by which GENIBOX package that you acquire.


  • Terms and condition applies. Kindly read it before making any purchase from our website.
  • Kindly visit the respective partners' websites for price confirmation or call us to know more.
  • Price stated is in US Dollars on web based references. ERP - Estimated Retail Price. RM - Malaysian Ringgit
  • Kindly contact us for more information.

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